Our Buy to Let loans are available with terms from 2 years to 5 years and include the option to defer a portion of the interest to aid cashflow.

Buy to Let Loans

Buy to Let products with a term of up to 5 years include:

  • Ex Pat Buy to Let Loans – Expats living abroad who wish to purchase or refinance existing Buy to Let properties they already own.
  • First Time Landlord Buy to Lets – If you are a first time property landlord looking to purchase your first investment property or indeed if you are a home owner looking to purchase your first investment property.
  • Lending to SPVs (onshore and offshore) – Lend to limited companies in the UK and in many offshore jurisdictions including the BVI, Jersey, Guernsey etc. Many high street lenders will no longer lend to limited company borrowers but Dragonfly are happy to consider these applicants.
  • Loans to borrowers with minor credit file issues – For example to those with a minor blip on their credit file due to a missed credit card payment or a satisfied CCJ, who, as a result, are unable to obtain funding from High Street lenders.
  • Bridge to Let – Hybrid Bridge and Buy to Let product all built in to one. Either a 2 or 3 year term with the option to exit within the first 7 months with no Early Repayment Charges.

Uses Include:

Uses of Buy to Let include:

  • Property professionals looking to add to or even start building their buy to let portfolios.
  • Property developers looking to tenant and then refinance completed developments. The traditional development loans on offer need repayment as soon as the properties hit practical completion and many do not allow the developer to tenant the properties. TML’s lenders are happy to look at repaying the development loans and allowing the borrower to either take a buy to let or even bridge to let loan to allow them to move on to their next development.
  • Refinancing or purchasing of investment properties when there is a short income profile and the property wont support a high enough advance from the high street. Dragonfly TML are able to retain any shortfall in rental income to allow the borrower to release more capital from the property.
  • Buy to Let landlords looking to diversify their funding away from one bank will often come to TML using our Bridge To Let product which will then allow them 7 months to either sell or refinance the portfolio away in chunks to multiple banks instead of having all their eggs in the same basket.