Trade Finance

TML DiagramThe sole aim of TML’s Trade Finance is to help businesses grow faster by financing trade. We provide business funding for your supply chain by lending to UK buyers and by providing accelerated, non-recourse cash payments to your suppliers. Our facility can offer your business up to £1,000,000 for up to 120 days.

The majority of TML’s Trade Finance clients use the facility to finance imports from overseas. With an active presence in many major trading economies worldwide, our knowledge and expertise means we can build bridges between buyer and seller, to create strong, profitable relationships.

Currency Services

While global economic and financial landscapes have rapidly evolved, cross-border trading and transacting has become not just a reality, but a necessity. However, working with foreign currencies carries an inherent risk which could have a detrimental impact on your bottom line. TML’s Managed Currency Services provides tailored financial solutions to help your business navigate the global business markets and effectively manage your currency exposure

Over 140 currencies including emerging market currencies

TML provides access to a multitude of currencies allowing your business to effectively operate in or trade with almost any country globally. We also specialise in emerging market currency execution, hedging and analysis, in some of the world’s most illiquid currencies at market leading prices. Due to the volume of currency we trade, as well as our relationships with market makers and local banks around the world, we not only consistently offer best prices but also best access to liquidity in these markets, enabling clients to process large volume trades confidently.
The expertise of our currency specialists in the Emerging Markets is an important asset for our client’s when navigating especially volatile markets, and optimising the execution of trades whilst mitigating downside risk.

We also have vast experience in providing tailored hedging solutions for clients exposed to emerging market currencies. These bespoke ‘over the counter’ hedging strategies consist of a combination of Spot, Forward and Non-deliverable Forward products which are uncommonly offered by clearing or custodian banks in these currencies.

Fair and transparent pricing

TML offers fair and transparent pricing with the added value of market insight and expertise delivered by in-house currency specialists. This additional support from a real person means that we can help you to execute trades at the optimal time and with the best hedging strategy in place to protect your business from currency fluctuations.

TML provides a free currency audit to clients with more complex foreign exchange requirements. We can offer you the currency audit of your exposure and procedures, a treasury review including policy creation and implementation as well as benchmarking which ensures transparency and fair value pricing on derivative instruments.

TML has no hidden fees and always confirms upfront the cost and rate you have booked. Your currency specialist will ensure you understand the rate and details of the trade and will only proceed when you are completely happy. TML advocates full transparency at every stage of the process. There is also no fee to set up a trading facility with TML and no obligation to use it once created.

Tailored risk management

We provide flexible and tailored solutions to meet complex business needs. Many other financial institutions develop products that are fixed and offer no personal insight or expertise. Our personal and agile approach means we can offer a range of products and credit terms tailored to your business.

Your currency specialist will help you understand which products are best suited to your business needs, these could include any one or a combination of the following: Spot Contracts, Window/Fixed Forwards, Market Orders, Non-deliverable Forwards (NDFs) and Credit terms – due to our strong balance sheet we can occasionally offer a client a reduced or 0% deposit facility.

Market insight

TML’s team of currency specialists are well supplemented by our team of analysts, which is headed by Chief Risk Officer Enrique Diaz. Through this team, we are able to access market insight and provide currency forecasting that contributes to Bloomberg consensus in a range of currencies. Not only is this a tool for our currency specialists, but for our clients too, allowing them to manage their currency exposures accordingly.

Your currency specialist will actively monitor the market, so you don’t have to, and will contact you when the market moves. This insight will help you decide on when to execute your trades at the optimum moment to make the most of market upswings. Through this you can take advantage of favourable rates.
TML also provides tailored reports on the currency markets, hand-picked by your dedicated currency specialist in line with your exposure.

Personal Service

Unlike traditional financial institutions, TML believes that being able to speak with a real person who understands the market and the needs of your organisation, is vital to the success of your foreign currency transactions.
Our currency specialists are hand-picked for their knowledge of the markets and their ability to stay on top of financial news. This means that your assigned currency specialist will inform you of real-time market conditions so that you can take advantage of favourable changes and limit the impact of any adverse movements.

TML online

Alongside TML’s tailored currency services, you can access our online platform to view the status of trade and payments, giving you greater insight into our process and visibility into the location of your funds.You can access your account anytime, anywhere via PC and tablet to check the real time status of trades and payments.

Using TML Online, small and mid-size companies can access a multitude of foreign currencies, set up international payments, register beneficiaries and track trade information. The system is backed by a dedicated support team and offers an accessible alternative to the traditional foreign exchange service.

Our technology has been built by our in-house development team so it is both unique and adaptable so that we can continue to expand this service. The dedicated support team is accessible via chat, email and telephone so you can manage your transactions securely and efficiently.

TML Online can also be used to execute trade directly, speak to your currency specialist for more information.