One Invoice or One Debtor Financing – ALL Sectors – Including Construction

TML finance is a specialist provider of financial solutions to meet companies’ cash flow problems. These may have been caused by variety of factors but frequently include

  • Payment delays from customers or pressure to offer extended credit terms.
  • Rapidly growing turnover.
  • Large contracts absorbing cash within the business.
  • Seasonality.
  • The need to fund purchases of stock to meet confirmed orders.

The TML facility shares some elements with traditional invoice finance – but it is the differences that make the TML proposition so attractive in the right situations.

The key elements of a TML Selective Invoice Finance facility are:

  • TML provides short term cash flow assistance to companies primarily on the back of invoices that they have raised to their customers.
  • Clients choose whether to request funding against one or a number of invoices.
  • It is imperative that the invoice is raised for goods and services that have been provided to the satisfaction of the customers and that the due payment of the invoice is verified.
  • Minimum facility £10,000

The flexible nature of the TML facility means that clients enjoy the following advantages over finance options:

  • Clients pay only for funds that they use.
  • Clients will always be in control of when they wish to draw funds.
  • There is no minimum contract and no minimum monthly charges.
  • There are no termination fees.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • The only charge to consider is the daily charge for funds drawn down which is between 0.15% and 0.22% per day based on the amount borrowed and industry sector. This usually includes credit insurance on the invoices.
  • Clients can use as much or as little of the agreed facility, which typically is in the order of 70% – 80% of the invoice value, and they can repay early, without penalty, should other funds become available. In this way Clients are able plan their cash flow and calculate in advance the cost of the facility. They can then use this as a basis to decide whether or not they wish to draw funds. And if they decide not to, there is no cost.

The TML facility is suited to most business sectors – including construction related businesses where funds can be advanced against applications for payment or stage payments.