Vendor Finance: your great equipment, our bespoke finance.

Concentrating on your core activities and outsourcing other responsibilities to the right specialists can improve your offer to your customers and help you sell more, more often.

TML have a proven track record of securing vendor finance for equipment re-sellers, vendors & suppliers in many different sectors. Offer our sales aid finance solutions as a means to:

  • Secure a sale
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Increase order value
  • Promote a return on investment
  • Reduce credit risk (improving your cash flow with prompt payment on delivery of goods
  • Offer your client a great alternative to traditional banks with great TAX SAVINGS…!

Teaming up with TML will allow you to offer your clients an unbeatable combination: your industry-leading products and our bespoke finance.

However, at TML we don’t stop at merely sourcing finance for your client’s orders. We pro-actively aid you and your sales team in whatever financial and marketing tools you need to offer a professional but simple finance offer and more importantly, secure the business!
Benefits to offer your customers

As well as all the benefits associated with your products, you’ll be able to offer your clients a whole range of attractive financial benefits too, including:

  • Fixed monthly payment – plan your budgets with confidence
  • Immediate use of the equipment – obtain what the business needs today, without cash flow restrictions
  • Independent funding – will not affect any existing bank or credit relationships
  • Simple to arrange – finance can be available within 2 hours
  • 100% tax relief throughout the term – maximise tax advantages by leasing rather than outright purchase

Incentives & Training

Benefit from our reseller reward scheme tailored to you and your business. Its our way of saying thank you and your way to more rewards working with TML. Join the TML Card scheme allowing introducing suppliers to build up credit balances to use against any form of goods or services. The more that’s introduced, the more you’re rewarded. In addition to this we can also create individual or team entertainment packages that include race meetings, meals and nights out, etc.

We appreciate your loyalty!


Many ‘point of sale’ finance companies expect you to do all the work and some even give you documentation to fill in & and then passively process applications. The TML approach is proactive and we aim to develop the people we work with to be able to sell more effectively using our techniques and calculator tools. Helping your clients to buy more, more often. Training sessions can be individual or group basis and we can guarantee stimulating new ideas around our ‘selling with rentals’ approach.