Personal Guarantee Insurance

PGI provides insurance for individuals (usually Directors) who have given a Personal Guarantee to a lender in respect of the borrowings of the limited company in the event that upon insolvency of the company, if the company is unable to repay the whole of the borrowings and the guarantee is called upon, then the insurance can indemnify the Guarantor.


The PG insurance is the first of its kind to provide protection and advice at the same time. The policy can be purchased at any time either for an existing guarantee or as finance is taken out.


The guarantor is insured in the event of the company entering into insolvency and failing to pay back it’s lender in full. Cover starts at 50% for each guarantor of the amount of the guarantee in year 1, up to  90% in year 5 and subsequent years. (see Table below)


PGI is personal to you but other guarantors can take the cover as illustrated. If there are two joint and several guarantors and each takes out PGI then the effective cover will be 100% of the total joint and several guarantee in year one.


The premium is based on the level of the cover required. There is a simple online application form which will provide you with an instant quote based on your requirements. Click on the Red Buttom below: “Apply here for your personal quotation “

Apply here for your personal quotation

By clicking this link it will take you to the quote and buy website of PGI Cover a trading style of Ratae PGI Ltd an appointed representative of Professional Insurance Agents Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They will be able to help and quote you on various insurance products – we do not offer advice or services in this area of Insurance at TML – Theodore Management Limited

Length of time % Covered
First 3 months 0%
Next 9 Months 50%
Year 2 60%
Year 3 70%
Year 4 80%
Year 5 Onwards 90%